Visit to a Potential Applicant

Article by LT | | Published: 3.13.13

Two of us went to visit a potential claimant in his apartment in Oakland CA on Tuesday Feb. 13, 2013.

He had three pendulum like devices, that he calls Quantalyzers. He pointed out that they were made of material that couldn't conduct the electricity of his body: lead, wood, and plastic.I pointed out that lead is a conductor, he was surprised. He then said all of the components were "elements". I asked him about the wood. That's an element according to him. He invited us to try to move the table one of them was on. This turned out to be VERY easy and it caused the pendulum to swing quite vigorously. He seemed surprised that we would push so hard. I asked if we could take a picture and he said that photographing the "quantalyzer" was OK, but not him. I pointed out that I would get his hands in the picture and said that was OK as well.

Here's a picture:

Image of Quantalyzer

He then sat down in front of the table and, with his hands as you see in the picture, got the pendulum swinging. He claimed that he wasn't pushing the table even though it was obvious to Jerry and I that he was. I took a short video that shows him rocking in time with the pendulum but he didn't see it. We explained the ideomotor effect, to no avail.

Here's the video (right click to download)

While he was "quantalzing" he spoke of himself in the third person and said he was acting as a "path" for "them". "They" knew far, far more than he did since they were able to access the Akashic Records. He offered to have them talk to me and I agreed. They didn't say anything, other than repeat that he didn't know anything. "They" claimed to be reading my mind so I concentrated on a interesting open question in physics, but, disappointingly, they offered no insight.

We asked him to show us his changing eye color. We went into his bathroom and under the bright lights you could see that there was a narrow fringe of blue around some parts of his brown eyes. He said that when he "quantalyzed" his eyes turned half blue. I asked him to do it, he said he had and they were half blue now. They didn't look that way to me.

We went on for much too long trying to find something to test and finally got him to agree that stating when that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) could close at on March 4, 2013 was something that they could do, at least approximately.

The prediction was for a bit under 600.

Update 3/13/2013: The DJIA closed 14,127. However the claimant remembers the prediction differently and says he got it correct. We have the next prediction requirement (the value of the DJIA on 4/12/2013) in an email.