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After many months of effort we have an agreed protocol to test a claim.

The claimant says he can predict the results of professional sports matches. There are many issues in testing such a claim but we think we have all of the important ones covered in our protocol.

Testing is underway. Stated simply the test will be consists of us sending him a match and him making a prediction of the winner. If he gets three wrong he has failed. If he gets 25 correct he has succeeded.

UPDATE: The test has been completed and the applicant failed.

There is a spreadsheet showing the current status at this link.

Article by Leonard Tramiel | | Published: 1.29.16

On June 15, 2013 three members of IIG SF Bay Area gave a presentation at SkeptiCal, the annual skeptics conference held in Berkeley, CA. It describes the experience we had conducting our first paranormal investigation and what we learned. The talk was recorded and can be viewed on youtube. Search for IIG SFBA or click here for the playlist

Article by LT | | Published: 9.22.13

Two of us went to visit a potential claimant in his apartment in Oakland CA on Tuesday Feb. 13, 2013.

Article by LT | | Published: 3.13.13