The IIG Portland

IIG Portland

Welcome to the Portland IIG

If you have ever seen an episode of the hit television show Portlandia, you will know that there is much strangeness in Stumptown and the Pacific North West. Our region is the home of intense debate about subjects such as alternative medicine, supernatural crystals, the Oregon Vortex, and the alleged home of the bigfoot. There is much to discover here!

Founded in early 2013, IIG NW is a group of dedicated investigators from very diverse walks of life passionately committed to examining local mysteries and extraordinary claims from a skeptical and scientific view point. We welcome inquiries about our work and are always open to new membership. Our meetings generally occur once per month on a Friday or Saturday evening, and we meet at the Science and Teaching Center on the Portland State University Campus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our work and current investigations.