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The word of the month is "holding-pattern." Okay, we had to add a hyphen to make it a single word, but the point is that our influx of would-be-applicants has started to cool for the first time since it heated up last year when Randi announced the change to his rules. Basically, he would no longer allow people to apply directly to him, so they started to apply to us. After a year of increased activity, things slowed to a crawl in April.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 5.24.08

The highlight of March was our field trip the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City. Obviously we have no pictures of the inside of the museum, but you’ll have to take our word for it when we tell you that it was an experience.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 4.26.08

One of the biggest developments in February was, well, bigness.  Our ranks grew with a swell of new members in 2008, and with 36 active members, the IIG is now as large as it’s ever been.  We have photographic proof (from our February meeting).

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 3.22.08

The applications keep pouring in, with no end in sight. That pretty much summarizes our January at the IIG. Here are the details

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 2.23.08

December saw an influx of inquiries, and it also saw the 2007 CFI Solstice party. With Christmas happening shortly after our visit to the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, a thought occurs to us: why don’t these biblical literalists insist that the celebration of Christ’s birth be moved to Spring?

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 1.26.08

November was, as usual, shorter than most months, what with the various bank holidays, and sick days, but nonetheless, the IIG has been hard at work thanks to a glut of applicants, would-be applicants, and TV show psychics melting down.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 12.22.07

October saw CFI’s Halloween celebration – “Scary Bible Stories.” The Hellfire and Brimstone was evocative, however, of the wildfires in SoCal that have been even more frightening than the bellicose Deity described in certain passages of the Old Testament.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 11.24.07

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