This news archive provides a backlog of past news, events, press releases for the Los Angeles Independent Investigations Group.

At the November IIG meeting a mermaid skeleton was on the agenda. Two photos were shown, one without a person, one with.

Article by Kathy Moyd | | Published: 11.27.13

In case you missed it, here's a great write-up from our friends at Park La Brea News Beverly Press:

Members and supporters of the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles on Friday the 13th tested their (bad) luck by walking under ladders, hanging out with black cats and, of course, smashing mirrors.

Read the full article by Aaron Blevins: No friggatriskaidekaphobia here

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 9.25.13

A visitor to the IIG elaborates on his over 700 pages of documentation for an astronomical claim. The long form video is up from our most recent claimant for the $50,000 Challenge, the clairaudient.  And IIG member Wendy Hughes achieves fame through JREF's Your Skeptic Stories.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 10.22.11

Our July meeting took place one week early on Saturday the 9th, in expectation of a fantastic The Amaz!ng Meeting 9 (TAM9 from Outer Space), which takes place this year during our normal meeting time.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 7.23.11

On June 18th, the IIG held a shortened meeting to allow time for CSI investigator Ben Radford’s Paranormal Investigations Workshop. Ben gave a fantastic lecture on the scientific side of paranormal investigation and analysis. Despite our shortened IIG meeting, quite a lot was covered.

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 6.25.11

If you missed May's IIG meeting, you missed a lot!

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 5.28.11

Well, we're back, after a very busy, and very extended Winter Holiday. There's much to report, so let's get right to it …

Article by IIG Los Angeles | | Published: 2.26.10

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